Hipsters of the Coast is looking for a new writer for our regular Friday “Scrub Report” column. Basically the Scrub Report is a fun, tongue-in-cheek look at one person’s journey from total Magic n00b to Pro Tour winner (or somewhere in between, ha ha). Long story short, we are just looking for someone who is new to and excited about the game to write about their experience—in whatever form that takes.

Here’s a link to our Scrubby archives.

Anybody who’s interested should send an email detailing why they want to be Hipsters’ next scrub—and why he or she would be the right choice—to [email protected]. Include writing samples if you have them. Here are the requirements:

1. Be cool. No jerks. We’re looking to have fun over here, and to in general be a super-positive voice in the Magic community.
2. Commit to a weekly column, published on Fridays (and your articles would be due earlier in the week, by Wednesday evening).
3. Be willing, following our four-week trial period, to take over posting your own stuff on Hipsters, using WordPress, subject to your editor’s approval.
4. Try to follow our style sheet, to the best of your ability. (It’s not that long.)
5. Don’t be too heavy of an edit for our editorial staff, meaning you’ve got a good grasp of grammar, punctuation, logic, and etc.

And hey! Magic is growing, and more and more people of different ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are playing. We would be particularly interested in seeing applications from individuals who fall into these categories, as we think this would be a great new voice for the the Scrub Report.

Whoever you are, though, feel free to apply. We can’t pay you any money (none of us get paid, either—this is a labor of love), but we can supply you with sweet Hipsters of the Coast business cards (that double as tokens!) and a Hipsters T-shirt or two. And if any of you are at Grand Prix Oklahoma City this weekend, let us know on @hotcblog. Maybe we can meet up.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.


Hunter Slaton
Hipsters of the Coast editor-in-chief

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