It’s sometimes a struggle to come up with content for Arting Around. I tire of  “this art’s good, this art’s bad” judgments of taste. I’ve taken to altering my cards with Sharpie markers to indicate my criticism as clearly as I can. Perhaps this will be the subject of a future article.

After viewing the new set, reviewing the art of the new set, and talking about all of this art with various Twenty Siders and Hipsters, I came to the conclusion that that there is almost no consensus, ever, on anything. This led me to import every card from Dragon’s Maze into Photoshop as a layer. I then made each layer proportionally transparent and flattened the layers into a single image.


The result is an ancient looking JPEG, grayed with a golden hue. This of course makes sense for a gold set. We can see the shapes of the split card boarders lightly faded into the background of the image box. It’s actually quite beautiful.

All the best and thank you for reading,

MTGO: The_Obliterator

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