Welcome to the weekend! I’m looking forward to some serious Dead Space 2 action after what has seemed to be a longer-than-usual week…

Here at HotC, we continued to focus on the upcoming Twenty Sided Store PTQ. Matt Jones brought PT Gatecrash versions of Jund Aggro and Big Naya to TNM and FNM, and recorded some Modern MTGO Kiki-Pod testing. Jess Stirba piloted Soul Sisters at the weekend Modern tournament, while Li Xu ran into some trouble against Tron and said Soul Sisters with U/W.

On other topics, Jess Stirba explained her process for building a Commander deck. Zac Clark found his first official pupil for his new Wizard’s School column and Matt Jones discussed how compelling art can affect how we think of a card. Guest author Jeremy Broomfield checked in with another Gatecrash draft report, and Tim Akpinar returned with part two of his SCG Edison tournament report. Finally, Hunter Slaton reminisced about his previous limited GP events while relating his GP Charlotte preparation.

We’ll see you on the other side with plenty of 20SS Modern PTQ coverage, among other things.

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