Silence, Exile, and Cunning

An Evening with Roland Chang

Check out my conversation with Vintage Shopsmaster Roland Chang!

Round One

Derek is going deep… how far does he have to go backwards before he starts winning games of Limited?


Derek succumbs to Magic Online in an attempt to get better at limited.

Grand Prix New Jersey Report: Day 2

Check out how I fare at my first Grand Prix day two!

GP New Jersey: Day One

Check out my run at the recent Legacy Grand Prix!

Bat Signal for Blue

Find out why Derek made the switch to playing blue right before Grand Prix New Jersey!

Leg Racing to GP New Jersey

Derek has to buckle down and begin testing for Grand Prix New Jersey, but he still can’t decide on a deck and the clock is ticking!

Netdecking FNM

Derek puts together the Pro Tour winning deck off the net and takes it to his FNM. How does he end up?

All the Verdant Catacombs

Derek is obsessed with Black and Green, and looks to play Golgari in every format!

Breaking Bad Habits

What the hell is going on with my Limited game? How do I keep messing it up?

Standard Temur Report

I take Temur to battle at FNM, my first standard tourney in almost one year!

Khans Standard Metagame, Week One

Here I take a look at the new Standard metagame with Khans of Tarkir, along with some oddball decklists!