This week’s Midweek Magic is bringing players back a few sets to a Dominaria United Bot draft to enjoy. This unique event will require you to build a deck from three 15-card packs, picking cards one at a time until you have a deck ready to take down your opponents.

Competing in this free event can earn you up to three new rewards, two in the form of Rare Individual cards, which will be converted into either any rare or mythic rare card currently available on Arena or into gems if you already own four copies of that card. The third reward is a Mystery Cosmetic pack. These little bundles have the chance to give out anything from special card styles, to fancy avatars and even pets! More often than not you’ll get a card style since those are the most common drop from the Mystery Cosmetic packs but there’s always a chance for something special.

This event, like all Midweek Magic events, is 100% free to join for all players. If you’re thinking about joining, and why wouldn’t you want to cash in on those free prizes, you’ll have to get your three wins in starting this Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT and need to wrap it up before Thursday at 2 p.m. PT. You can enter this event on both the Magic: The Gathering Arena app from your mobile device or from the game client on your computer.

Dominaria United Bot Draft Rules

Bot drafting is a little different than traditional drafting on Arena. The biggest change to be aware of is that it is just you drafting from the packs, there are no other players competing against you for cards or deck archetypes. Instead, the game’s AI will decide which card it will “pick” from each card choice based on a few factors to simulate a real draft.

Another key component to be aware of is that there is no pick timer and no waiting on other players, giving you plenty of time to think about your card choices and let you plan your deck out as long as you like.

Draft Archetypes for Dominaria United

Every draftable set has a few archetypes you can follow that will help guide your deck to victory. With the return of the Phyrexians and the vast history of Dominaria, there’s a bunch of cool cards to look out for. If you need a refresher on some of Dominaria United’s mechanics, check out our guide here before getting started.

  • White-Black Sacrifice
  • White-Red Tokens
  • White-Blue Defenders
  • Blue-Black Control
  • Blue-Red Spells
  • Blue-Green Domain
  • Black-Green Recursion
  • Black-Red Aggro
  • Green- White Tokens
  • Green-Red Beatdown

If you’re still a little unsure where to begin when it comes to drafting, make sure to follow our Red-Green Aggro draft guide for some tips on creatures, spells, and combat tricks to be aware of while picking cards.

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