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Without further ado, the following list of (currently living) planeswalkers is the top 10 sorted by longest home run distance.

10. Space Beleren

Just kidding, that guy couldn’t hit the broad side of the Gamma Sector.

10. Arlinn Kord

Also known as the wolf of Thraben College’s varsity softball team. Aawooooooo!

9. Ajani Goldmane

Ajani taught Elspeth everything she knows about honor, family, martial arts, and a level swing.

8. Sarkhan Vol

What could possibly feel better than finally getting revenge on the ancient elder dragon planeswalker who manipulated you and destroyed your homeworld? Smashing one deep to center field.

7. Karn

Karn uses the exact amount of force required to precisely hit the ball directly to a random adoring youth in the stands during every at bat. He never hits it to the same fan twice.

6. Vraska

There’s a reason she’s queen of the Golgari and that reason is a whole lot of murdering. She can also murder a baseball.

5. Calix

Klothys, the god of fate on Theros created Calix for two purposes: Tracking down Elspeth and, for some strange reason, crushing the ball to the opposite field. Those silly gods.

4. Basri Ket

Was baseball one of the main ways the citizens of Amonkhet competed with each other to prove their worthiness to their deities? No, it was not, but lifting massive weights was.

3. Ob Nixilis

Fun fact: Ob Nixilis swings at every single pitch.

2. Garruk Wildspeaker

He’s over eight feet tall. ‘Nuff said.

1. Elspeth Tirel

Most of you will be surprised that Garruk wasn’t at the top of the list but it’s a very little-known fact that Elspeth was not only a very accomplished knight but she was also Alara’s slugging champion for three consecutive seasons before that unfortunate incident that forced her to flee the plane. The Bant Bombers were never the same after her departure (or the conflux).

Rich Stein is the CEO of Hipsters of the Coast and played baseball from the age of 6 to the age of 12 (at which point he started playing hockey). He never hit a homerun. One time when he was nine he hit a walk-off triple in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded with his team down by two runs and his mom still has the game ball.

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