The Commander Rules Committee announced today that they have added two new members: Olivia Gobert-Hicks and Jim Lapage. They join Sheldon Menery and Gavin Duggan—two of the original RC members—as well as longtime RC members Toby Elliott and Scott Larabee.

Both Gobert-Hicks and Lapage are highly-visible, veteran members of the Commander community and were already part of the Commander Advisory Group. Gobert-Hicks was also an early webcam Commander streamer and popular cosplayer, while Lapage is part of The Spike Feeders.

The Commander Rules Committee is an independently organized group that manages the rules and banned list for the community-created Commander format. They also maintain and evangelize the format’s philosophy, starting with the fact that “Commander is for fun.” While the organization is separate from Wizards of the Coast, Wizards approves of all Commander rules changes and the members of the RC are consulted by Wizards regarding the Commander-focused products.

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