Wizards of the Coast revealed today that Cube will return to MTG Arena on June 21 with the game’s first Cube Draft event.

Cube debuted on MTG Arena in March with Cube Sealed. “We did have conversations before this about whether we ever wanted to do Cube with a Bot Draft and we just decided that it’s not worth it,” MTG Arena Events Designer Andy Clautice said on Weekly MTG. “So we went with Sealed the first time and it was really good! People really had a good time and it was as successful as we could have hoped for.”

But with the addition of Player Draft in the April Update, Wizards is ready to launch MTG Arena’s first Cube Drafts. “I expect that Cube Draft will be a lot more popular” than the Sealed event, Clautice said. Especially since, according to Clautice, “Everybody is going to get their first Cube Draft entry for free.”

Wizards has updated the Arena Cube for the Cube Draft event with new cards from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths as well as cards like Benalish Marshall that were too difficult to play with in a Sealed format.

Wizards also announced that Historic Anthology 3 and a permanent Historic Ranked queue will be included in MTG Arena’s May 21 update.

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