Wizards of the Coast announced today that Magic will be returning to Ravnica this the Fall. This second return to Ravnica will take place over three sets: Guilds of Ravnica, Ravnica Allegiance, and an unnamed third set that will bring the Gatewatch vs. Nicol Bolas storyline to a head.

The first set, Guilds of Ravnica, will be released on October 5, 2018 and will feature five of the 10 guilds: Selesnya, Boros, Golgari, Izzet, and Dimir. The second set, Ravnica Allegiance, will be released in January 2019 and will feature the remaining five guilds: Azorious, Rakdos, Gruul, Simic, and Orzhov. Finally, the third (currently unnamed) set will be released in the Spring of 2019 and will also be set on Ravnica…but won’t focus on any of the guilds. Instead, it will feature a climax of the war between the Gatewatch and Nicol Bolas—a showdown that has been brewing since 2015’s Magic Origins.

To complement both Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance, Wizards will also be releasing Guild Kits which each set. Guild Kits will be 60-card decks flavored after each of Ravnica’s guilds, and will include pins, stickers, and spindown dice that represent each guild. Guild Kits for the five guilds in Guilds of Ravnica will be available on November 2, 2018, while the remaining Guild Kits for the five guilds in Ravnica Allegiance will be released in February 2019.

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