Hey folks, I’m back from vacation with a small change to Elves and some videos from an ill-fated MTGO League. The only change I made this week was to buy one Thoughtseize and replace a Duress in the sideboard.

The Thoughtseize set us back $19.99 or just about our entire $20 budget for the week.  We do have $13.54 banked due to not having to pay our entrance fee and having a little money left over from last week. Thankfully we went 4-1 last week and accumulated enough play points to join this league on the house. Next week, I’d like to add another Thoughtseize to the sideboard and start working our way toward the white splash to make sideboarding options infinitely better. I’m also open to suggestions on future purchases and ways to make the deck more formidable.

Here is the list we played this week:

MH Elves Week Three

Creatures (35)
Dwynen's Elite
Elvish Archdruid
Elvish Mystic
Elvish Visionary
Ezuri, Renegade Leader
Heritage Druid
Llanowar Elves
Nettle Sentinel
Reclamation Sage
Shaman of the Pack

Spells (7)
Chord of Calling
Collected Company
Lands (18)
Blooming Marsh
Llanowar Wastes
Overgrown Tomb

Sideboard (15)
Essence Warden
Evolutionary Leap
Fracturing Gust
Lead the Stampede
Reclamation Sage
Scavenging Ooze
Stain the Mind

Our record before this week was 5-5 in all time matches and 15-12 in games. A spoiler alert for this week, it only goes downhill from here:


Thanks for watching!

In terms of Magic, Shawn Massak is a Modern enthusiast, with a penchant for tier two decks, counterspells, and pre Eighth Edition frames. In terms of life, Shawn lives in Brighton, MA where he works as an employment coordinator for people with disabilities, plays guitar in an indie-pop band, and spends his free time reading comics, complaining about pro-wrestling, and wishing his apartment allowed dogs as pets.

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