Well what a year it has been for Legacy! We had Eternal Masters and Conspiracy 2 bring us lots of fun toys, new and old. Death and Taxes was given some fun new pieces to play in Conspiracy (plus new Thalia in Eldritch Moon) and much needed reprints in Eternal Masters including Wasteland and Karakas. Conspiracy also breathed a little life back into Aluren by printing an affordable version of Imperial Painter in the form of Recruiter of the Guard. Plus Conspiracy gave us Leovold who everyone seems to (understandably) be falling in love with. We also had the announcements of GP Las Vegas and Gp Lousiville. So much for Legacy being dead eh?

I’ve addressed this before in the past but after such a monumental year I want to address it one more time; Legacy is not dying, it’s still alive and vibrant. It’s expensive and some parts of the country it’s a bit harder to find than others but that doesn’t mean it’s dying. It’s pretty normal to see a game that is more popular in some areas than others, especially in a country as huge as the United States. This country already has a lot of regional preferences whether it be what you call a sandwich from Subway (it’s a sub) or what fast food chain is the best. So don’t be surprised when your local community doesn’t play legacy. Lack of support comes from lack of interest. Here in Mass we have a ton of interest so we have a ton of support. ┬áIf you can find enough people in your area to keep tournaments going every week you’ll be able to find a store support it because stores like to make money and host events, it helps keep the doors open!

I really hope next year is as awesome for Legacy as this year was. The last couple years have been rough on the community but this year we had a lot of ups. So let’s cross our fingers and keep casting Brainstorms!

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