This week was full of drama in the Magic finance community. The Vendorgate phenomenon, which Zac covered in fantastic fashion last week, was a roller-coaster of news, excitement, disappointment, and mostly just complete insanity. I thought a lot about what to write on the topic. I could talk about the implications of vendorgate. I could talk about the community problems with drama. I could talk about the first test of Wizards new transparency. But these all seemed like terrible topics and things perhaps better for another day. For now we need to take a step back and relax. So without further adieu, I give you pictures of my cats.


Max Fury on Boxes

This is Fury (on the left) and Max (on the right). It might look like they’re just hanging out on a stack of comic book boxes in my bedroom, but they’re actually deep in thought, contemplating the financial implications of Vendorgate and the Eternal Masters announcement.

Fury Throne

Fury likes to spend time on her scratching throne where she divines which reserved list cards will spike next based on the patterns in the cardboard.

Max Yawning

This picture was actually taken as soon as Max learned that Damnation wasn’t being reprinted in Modern Masters last year. He wasn’t happy because he had sold all of his copies on the premise that there was no way Wizards wouldn’t reprint it.

Max in his house

Max was actually so depressed about Damnation not being reprinted that he hid in his cat tree house for days.

Fury Shopping

But then Fury cheered him up by going to her local gaming store and buying Max new sleeves and a deck box for his Commander deck (Max plays a tribal Brimaz deck obviously).

Fury Nap

After the Eternal Masters announcement, Fury spent 36 hours straight wheeling and dealing on TCGPlayer and various other internet outlets. It was exhausting work and she needed a long catnap afterwards.

Hipster Max

Max has a lot of connections in the underground Quebecois black market for Magic cards. He often represents his French Canadian roots with this vintage hipster Quebec Nordiques hat. Fury, being a Russian Blue, obviously does most of her foreign trading in St. Petersburg, heart of the eastern European Magic cartels.

Fury Max Grooming

MTG Finance can be dirty work so it’s important to keep yourself and your friends clean after a long day of buying out reserved list cards.

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