“Congratulations, you are qualified for the KTK Modern Championship at
Twenty Sided Store!”

Or to put this into perspective. “Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada.”

Pretty kickass right! Twenty sided store championship: Modern.

And hey, I never really liked the Ko-Dan’s anyhow.

This is it kids! It’s my first big tournament of the year. I mean it’s a local store championship, but it’s my store, so it would be kinda rad to win it.

What the shit am I gonna play? I can build just about anything in Modern. I guess the real question is… What am I gonna play against?

I sat down with Li Xu, Charles Hagaman and Derek Gallen and we analyzed the list of invitees. After some looking it seems like we have this as an expected meta.

2 Tron (breach/RG)
1 pod
2 Junk Rhino
1 u/R Delver
1 rUG Moon
1 Merfolk
1 Boggles
1 Affinity
1 Twin
1 Gifts
1 Burn
1 Esper
2 ???

That’s a wide meta. Hell, that’s basically 16 different decks. I’ve never said Twenty Sided was a simple ride.

Ok that’s what I’m playing against.

What CAN I play?

I own a lot of Modern decks

Abzan Gifts
Jeskai Control
UW Flash
Jeskai Geist
Jeskai Gifts
Kiki Control

I think that’s it. That’s a lot of variables. I’m not gonna tell you about my choice, but I do want to take you through my thought process. Right now, I can tell you that I don’t wanna be playing something that can’t beat a sideboard card. So Burn is out. Probably Storm is out too. I dig Jeskai or Kiki Control. Dig Through Time is a pretty sweet little number. Twin is pretty solid here. I mean All-in Twin might not be the the best with all those Abrupt Decays floating around but Jeskai or Temur might be good. It’s a thought… Maybe bust out those Huntmasters? That leaves me with Gifts and Delver. I wanna have a little fun. This is the “Brooklyn GP” after all. I can’t play the “Best Deck”. That’s not organic or Gluten free. Gifts would be the most homegrown of all these choices. It would kinda rock (in a small venue kind of way) to take it down with Elesh Norn and the Tarmogoyfs. Like I said before, its gonna be a game day decision.

I’ll be trying to live tweet this thing. It’s starts at 5. I’ll lock in at 6 and tell you how I’m doing. It’s gonna be 4 rounds cut to top 4. I’m praying to a good run. Hit up @Durdlemagus on Twitter and wish me luck. It’s a murder pool. Good luck to the rest of the cats that made it in.

Zac Clark, @Durdlemagus

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