Due to a time crunch with some last minute stuff coming up at work, I decided to record a Legacy Daily and share my thoughts along the way.

Round 1 and 2: Elves and UR Painted Stone


First of all, apologies for the lack of any commentary for the first 25 minutes of the first match. I accidentally had the sound muted, but Zach Barash happened to be watching and informed me that nobody could hear me talking. I lose game one partially due to mismanaging my mana towards the end where I used Top to get Swords, when I would’ve been better off just casting Verdict on the following turn. I may have still lost, but I at least would have given myself a better chance to win. Games two and three go exactly how this matchup typically goes for me. If I can play Elves all day in DC, I’ll be a happy camper.

Round two featured the version of Painted Stone that Top-8’d the most recent Open. I was unfamiliar with the list, so it took me somewhat by surprise, but I was able to pull out the win. Angels prevailed in game two, and Needle on Grindstone along with Jace and Counterbalance put it away in game three. Having looked at the list, later, I definitely would have brought in the extra Rest in Peace, now that I realize how heavily that version of Painted Stone relies on Goblin Welder.

Round 3: Punishing Jund


Game one was quite the epic battle. Seriously, just watch it. Game two went exactly how I like this matchup to go. Against BGx decks, I typically just want to Entreat for three or more as quickly as possible, and that usually wins it.

Round 4: Elves (again)


Remember how I said I like playing against Elves? This is more of me beating up the Keebler gang and stealing their cookies.

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