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Grinding It Out—M14 Instants and Flash Creatures

Yay! A new core set is set to be released on July 19. It’s always exciting to follow spoilers for a month and gear up for a new pre-release. With M14 being added to the list of Standard-legal sets, we get a chance to experience an interesting, albeit short-lived format of innovation and downright fun. Many of us will choose to use this time to build the decks we’ve always wanted to play or to get some last-minute use out of the M13 and Innistrad block cards which will be rotating out when Theros is released in late September. I know I’ll be playing as much Jund as humanly possible until then!

To prepare for the M14 pre-release and get us thinking about the new Standard format, I have once again compiled a list of all of the instants and flash creatures that you may come across while playing this new set. For those with a propensity for early preparation and lots of ink left in their printer, here is a printable PDF which will hopefully give you an early advantage at your local pre-release and release events. As always, thanks for reading.



Monique Garraud is a Brooklyn native who started playing Magic in 2011. “Grinding It Out” is her weekly take on the trials, tribulations, and joys of being a competitive tournament player. You can follow her on Twitter @MoniqueGarraud.


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6 Archived Responses to “Grinding It Out—M14 Instants and Flash Creatures”
  1. Dan Black says:

    Dang yo M14 is weak-sauce.

  2. Chase says:

    Silly rules question–if I got a custom playmat printed with all of your combat trick sheets, how fast would I get D/Qed from a tournament, or could I somehow manage to argue it’s “art”?

    • Matt Jones says:

      Probably pretty fast.

    • Monique Garraud says:

      Its actually a valid question, although I may not use your specific argument.

      The rules state the following:

      Players may refer to Oracle text, either electronically or in paper form, at any time. They must do so publicly and in a format (such as, other official Wizards of the Coast sources, or printouts of their sources) which contains no other strategic information. If a player wishes to view Oracle text in private, he or she must ask a judge.

      Since there is no strategic information in the chart, only simplified rules texts straight from gatherer, I wonder if having this list on a playmat falls under this category. As plausible as it is, I’m still going to bet no.

      • David McCoy says:

        From a judge re: your RTR block instant cheat sheet:

        “As outside notes, you’re allowed to reference this between matches, and while aid boarding between games in a match, but not while playing a game.”

        I don’t think you’d be allowed to have these on your playmat as they would count as notes.