Arting Around—The Blur of M14

My editor, tyrant that he is, has been dogging me to expand “The Blur of” series of articles and he decided I should do one layered stack for each color. I up’d it a bit and added lands and artifacts as averaged cards.

Note on the method: I took each card from M14, layered them within their colors, made them equally transparent, and flattened them onto a white background layer. This gets us the what I’m calling the “average” card for each of the colors.

I then take each of these averaged cards and stack them as layers, make them equally transparent, throw’em on a white background later, and flatten them. This gives us the averaged card for the entire set.

As an artist it’s continuously appealing to throw visual data into a computer, create some rules, and see what comes up. It helps improve the way that I initially see anything (now I wonder what a blurred version of an exhibition I view looks like, a blur of houses in my neighborhood, etc.). I am greatful for anything that enriches and expands my interest and relationship to visual culture or simply enhances my ability to see.


An average of M14 white cards.


An average of M14 blue cards.


An average of M14 black cards.


An average of M14 red cards.


An average of M14 green cards.


An average of M14 artifacts.


An average of M14 lands.


An average of all cards from M14.


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10 Archived Responses to “Arting Around—The Blur of M14”
  1. Zac Clark says:

    Blue dominates with hurloom (2/3) human wizards!

  2. DMG says:

    Speaking of Lizards, does it bother anyone else that Allosaurus is a Lizard? It should totally be a bird!

  3. Spoooon says:

    Pretty cool

  4. Garrett says:

    I’d be pretty interested to see this done to a set from MtG’s early days. The color palette has changed a lot in fifteen years.

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