One of the most unpredictable Midweek Magic events is back, bringing the chaos of probability to the game. Momir is a unique game move that doesn’t require any deck-building skills, instead, it relies on being aware of your board, making the right attacks and blocks, and a healthy amount of luck.

Doing well in this Momir event pays out three random rewards. For the first two prizes, you’ll be getting a Rare Individual card, which can become any rare or mythic rare card from among all cards on Arena. There’s always a chance to open a duplicate card or one that you already have four copies of. If that happens, it will automatically be converted into gems equal to that card’s rarity.

The final prize you can earn is a Mystery Cosmetic pack, continuing anything from a brand new avatar or pet, as well as a ton of unique card styles. The most common drop in these packs is card styles, which can be for any card on Arena that has a different printing.

This week’s Midweek Magic: Momir event doesn’t cost anything to join and is accessible from both the Magic: The Gathering Arena app and game client. Players can jump into matches starting on Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT and runs until Thursday at 2 p.m. PT.

Momir Rules & Tips

Momir is an approachable and easy event to just jump in and enjoy the randomness. You will be given a deck made up of entirely basic lands and will have an emblem available at the start of the match. The emblem has a special ability to let you pay X mana and discard a card to summon a token copy of a random creature with the same mana value as X.

There are thousands of creatures you could randomly get, with more powerful creatures requiring more mana. Keeping a close eye on your cards in hand and lands in play is a key component to winning games in Momir matches.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is making sure you’re giving yourself access to all basic land types as early as possible. The creatures you get from your Momir emblem activation can have activated abilities with specific mana costs. If you are only playing every Plains you have in hand, and get a creature with an ability that requires red mana, you’re going to be locked out for a bit.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand in Momir is that these matches are a war of attrition. Your lands are not only your resources in terms of mana, but also in what you can discard to get creatures. Generally speaking, it is best to hold off activating the emblem until your second or third turn so you’ll have plenty of lands in hand to gamble on creatures with mana values of six and above. You might not always be able to wait that long, depending on how aggressive your opponent’s opening plays are, but if they go pitch a land on their first turn and hit a Kraken Hatchling, you can feel pretty safe for a few turns to hold back your lands.

One final note to watch out for, take a quick look at what cards are at various mana values on Arena. Anywhere between six and nine mana is typically very good, but your returns at later mana values might be worse off. There are only four creatures at ten mana on Arena, one of which is Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, but you won’t get its cast trigger if you manage to get a copy of it.

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