Todd Stevens, content producer for StarCityGames, has been fired from StarCityGames and suspended for three years from the StarCityGames Open Series for allegedly sexually harassing women, sources tell Hipsters of the Coast.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Stevens was fired and suspended after a group of women reported his behavior StarCityGames two weeks ago. They alleged that he had acted inappropriately towards them in at least four instances while he was drinking at parties after Magic events.

According to a source familiar with the situation, StarCityGames promptly responded to the women’s complaints and took their allegations seriously. Hipsters of the Coast reached out to StarCityGames on Saturday about the situation, but they declined to comment and wouldn’t confirm if Stevens remained employed by the company. On Tuesday morning, StarCityGames tweeted that the “are no longer contracting Todd Stevens to create content for our website, but we are unable to further comment on the matter at this time.”

Stevens has written for StarCityGames, which is one of the world’s most popular Magic the Gathering content publishers, since February 2016. He joined Team BCW in December 2017 and started the Ponder Podcast in April 2018. Stevens is currently ninth on the SCG Tour leaderboard and had been planning to play in the StarCityGames Modern Open this weekend in Dallas-Forth Worth; however, he does not appear to have played in the tournament.

Hipsters of the Coast contacted Stevens the evening of October 20 about this story but had not heard back from him as of publishing time the morning of October 21. A week and a half later, on October 31, Stevens released his first public statement since Hipsters reported this story in which he didn’t acknowledge any specific allegations. Instead, he offered a vague apology, saying: “If I have unintentionally behaved in an offensive manner, I apologize to all who were aggrieved by my behavior.” Stevens also said that he would not have any further comments on his firing from SCG.

When reached on Twitter on October 20, Team BCW said it “had no comment at this time.” On the afternoon of October 22, BCW announced that Stevens had been removed from the team.

Wizards of the Coast was also contacted by Hipsters of the Coast and would not comment, either.

TJ Rogers, cohost of the Ponder Podcast, could not be reached for comment before publishing. However, the podcast announced on Twitter on October 22 that Stevens was “stepping away” while the other hosts “will be looking at how to continue the show going forward.”

On October 23, Star City Games announced on Twitter that Stevens would no longer be contracted to create content for their website.

This story originally incorrectly reported that Wizards of the Coast was unaware of the ongoing situation and has been corrected to accurate reflect Wizards of the Coast’s position of having no comment. This story has also been updated to include statements from Todd Stevens, the Ponder Podcast, Team BCW, and StarCityGames.

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