This is version three of this article; I finally learned my lesson and stopped using Word, which has apparently become unstable. Computers are so much fun!


So let’s talk about the non-Eldrazi cards. Last time, when I was talking about colored, Eldrazi-themed cards, I neglected to mention two major oversights and a utility card that I do so enjoy.


Awakening Zone


Over the years I have somewhat soured on this card. It’s very, very slow. But this is a Tribal Eldrazi deck. Any speed issue is more than compensated for by the synergies. That’s why I included Awakening Zone. It’s still no From Beyond, but that’s largely an issue between the Spawn and the Scions.


Speaking of which, I was so annoyed to find Broodwarden useless. Or, at least not good enough to merit inclusion. If it could have just been worded to work with Eldrazi tokens, or something, it would be a way more useful card.



Zendikar Resurgent


My theme is basically Eldrazi post-legendary abandonment. After Kozilek, the Great Distortion and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger were both incinerated by Chandra, there were still countless members of their brood lineages hanging around. This deck reflects their struggles post-fall. As such, it seemed darkly fitting to include this card.



Maelstrom Nexus


I have resolved this card maybe twice ever. It was great at the time, and I want to do more of it. Since it can only go in a Rainbow deck, I don’t get a ton of opportunities; this card makes it into all applicable decks.



Obelisk of Alara


Obelisk of Alara is basically the same as Maelstrom Nexus. There is a limited pool of decks in which it can go, so it goes in all of them. It’s a useful card, once you get it online.


There are also other non-Eldrazi colorless cards in the deck. Let’s start with the one most associated with the Eldrazi, and then work out from there.



Eldrazi Monument


My goodness is this card a blast. I’d want it in for name alone but it turns out it combos quite well with Eldrazi tokens. I contemplated adding in Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, and thought she was a bit too far, but a colorless card like Eldrazi Monument is a fine fit.


I mean, Ayli is spectacularly on theme when it comes to her flavor, but I don’t tend to truck with cultists.





Here I basically mean Spine of Ish Sah and Unstable Obelisk. Without Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger in the deck, it could use a touch more removal, and it should have the land to cast/use both of them.



Break in Case of an Emergency


This deck needs ramp, and a good cycle of colorless ramp producers are Mind Stone, Hedron Archive, and Dreamstone Hedron. These can all be cashed out when you need the cards more than the ramp, which is great in the late game when it can draw you into action.



Chromatic Lantern


While this feels somewhat against the spirit of the deck, the fact is this ramp rock helps five-color decks play like they aren’t built on an incredibly unstable manabase. Since I wanted to keep my Wastes count high, Chromatic Lantern seems a must-include.



The Trinkets


I decided to add in five trinkets. Two of them, Relic of Progenitus and Nihil Spellbomb, are there to help the Processors. Sol Ring is the most powerful mana stone in Commander, basically… I mean, who actually has a Mana Crypt, anyway? Skullclamp may be more powerful than Sol Ring, though on a different axis. They’re both banned in their competitive formats for a reason. And Expedition Map both fixes your mana and lets you search up those sweet Eldrazi lands people are certain will be banned in Modern (though hopefully not Eye of Ugin, because I like Tron). It’s a good set of trinkets, even if only one of them is close to being on theme.




That’s it for this week! Join me next week (or so), when I’ll go through which Eldrazi made it into the deck and which ones got left on the curb. The answers will probably prove unsurprising.
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