Hi there!  On The Stack is now a feature both official and weekly here at Hipsters of the Coast; we will be coming to you every Monday.  Additionally, now that the podcast is hosted locally, we will shortly be available via the iTunes store. (Soon™, I promise.)

This week, we are digging further into On The Stack’s focus on the NYC Magic community.  The time that I got hooked back in to playing was an interesting one for New York.  In 2008, Neutral Ground, one of card gaming’s most iconic stores, closed its doors.  In the years since, multiple gaming stores have emerged in the city to take its place, but the period between the beginning of 2008 (Worldwake) and early 2011 (Mirrodin Beseiged) was a difficult one to be a player in New York that didn’t have an established playgroup.

In the meantime, players had to hew out their own groups and locations, and one such player is our guest for the next couple of episodes, Micah Valentinetti.  He and then-L1 judge Connor Hayes were cultivating a community during this relatively dark period, and managed to hook quite a few players into Magic by hosting a weekly meetup at Fat Cat in the West Village, including one particular player who would shortly make a significant impact toward solving the problem of the lack of play spaces in the city.

On The Stack — Episode 05:  The Webs We Weave

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This week’s panel:

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