Howdy everyone! This week I made a Theros block draft video for your enjoyment. This is my first time recording, so I’m still getting a hang of things. Take a look and let me know what you think in comments!

Also, I have an exciting announcement. Well, semi-exciting. Listeners of the Limited Resources Podcast (who should be everyone) should catch the Vintage Masters episode from last week. I make a brief cameo in the excellent guest sign-off by Jon Loucks. So check that out!


Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Well, I got there despite some egregious misclicks and a few bad plays. I hope this highlights the importance of focus and perseverance.

Do you want to see more draft videos in the future?

Brendan McNamara (MTGO: eestlinc, Twitter: @brendanistan) used to play Magic in the old days. His favorite combo was Armageddon plus Zuran Orb. After running out of money to buy cards and friends who were willing to put up with that combo, he left the game. But like disco, he was bound to come back eventually. Now he’s a lawyer by day and a Dimir agent by night.

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