In this week’s exciting episode of Only Built 4 Cubin’ Lynx, rather than typing I decided to post three recent punted MODO cube drafts I did with fellow Magic blogger Bert Phillips of The competition is harder than ever on MODO cube, and only the drafters who pick the most open archetype tend to rise to the top. I chose to post the following three videos because it shows how even a veteran cube drafter like myself can stumble in an unfamiliar environment–not all cubes are created equal!

For those who don’t know, the MODO cube is a whopping 720 cards. You can find the current list here. The majority of cubes I’ve played are a great deal smaller, with 360, 450, and 540 being the most common sizes (supporting 8, 10, and 12 drafters respectively). The rise to 720 cards makes a very high variance format, with cards as powerful as Jace, the Mind Sculptor to as lowly and niche as Priest of Urabrask. It is much, much harder to pull together a sweet archetype deck and therefor I find permission & wrath based control decks tend to sweep the field. Running a Dismiss in a blue based control deck is far more forgiving than running a red deck running Thunderscape Battlemage.

Anyway, without further ado, here is three great ways to punt a MODO cube draft.

I promise I’m not that bad at Magic. I have some redeeming videos to post next week, but for now… the pick a pack! And this week’s pick a pack is a doozy.


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