I didn’t do so well this weekend. I made some changes to my deck at the last minute, went into the Grand Prix with a single bye and died at 3-3. Definitely not my strongest showing, and I’m not going to bother writing up a tourney report as it will be pretty unexciting. I will, however, share with you this photo of myself, Charles and John dining on mussels at the Borgata after we scrubbed out. They were delicious.

Post scrub-out

You can, however, check out Jess’ awesome Day 2 report for some actual GP coverage.


I am not a fan of Standard currently; I have not been since the rotation. At this point, I am content with resigning to defeat. With Gatecrash just a few weeks away, I can handle stepping away from Constructed for a while. I’m going back to Mono-Red for the Twenty Sided Store Player’s Championship this weekend. I don’t want to play a deck I like only to end up in grindy matches that result in disappointing losses. My goal this weekend is to have fun with some of my best friends, who also happen to be some of the best Magic players in the state of New York.

Speaking of which, more and more of us are being recognized for our high level of play at these events. Every one of us this weekend, at one point or another, whether by playmat or by shirt, was recognized as a 20SS patron, and therefore not to be taken lightly. It’s a good feeling, and a confirmation that the store, while friendly and accommodating, houses a ton of killers.

But back to my main point: I am very much excited for post-Gatecrash Standard. I have already made up my mind: whatever deck I will be playing will have four Boros Charm in it, and probably four Snapcaster Mage to rebuy them. I can’t wait to Flame Slash my opponents’ faces. It will be excellent.

Another thought, and it’s pure conjecture at this point: the card might herald the return of UWR Delver in Modern. I’ve never been a big fan of the deck, since it, like most Zoo lists, quickly ran out of steam as its creatures got outclassed. It also didn’t help that Abrupt Decay was printed. But those considerations all go out the window since Boros Charm will almost singlehandedly solve all those problems. All of its modes are relevant, whether it’s saving your threats from removal, pushing through damage with an alpha-strike, or simply doming your opponent for 4. Color me excited.

That’s it for now. Again, apologies for not including a report after the biggest constructed tournament in our neck of the woods in recent memory (1,600+ people!). I will definitely deliver the goods next week after the store championship, regardless of how well or poorly I do.

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