Silence, Exile, and Cunning

PPTQ Uncommons: Standard

The Standard PPTQ at Uncommons.

Abzan Forever, Continued

Getting ready for a PPTQ, I encounter some not so positive people in the testing minefield.

Abzan, or Ahb-Zahn, Forever

“Muthafuckin’ Siege Rhino.” – Li Xu, 2014

Phantom on a Pedestal

When trauma strikes, how does it affect us and how do we move on?

Modern PPTQ: Montasy Comics

The last Modern PPTQ of the season held at Montasy Comics in Manhattan.

Thornbow Archer and Grishoalbrand

I draft a sweet Origins deck and go up against the new Modern Boogeyman.

Extraction Du Nord, Part Deux

My second excursion north to Montreal.

Sin, Twin, and it Begins

Just the man I wanted to see…

The Waiting Game

My week in review, from TDL finals to Modern.


Derek had a great season with Team Drafting, and wants to share with you some of his insights.

Modern Fart

My favorite format has left me with confusion and a noncommital nature.

Birthday Cube Drafting

I spent my birthday taking my cube on her maiden voyage!