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Dear Azami

The Retcons of Revane, Part II

Levi finishes his examination of the rewritten history of Nissa Revane, and reflects on what that means for the Magic story going forward.

Dear Azami

The Retcons of Revane

Levi begins a two-part dive into the complicated backstory of Nissa Revane. If you love Magic lore, don’t miss this one!

None Shall Pass Bombs

Origins Top Ten

Brendan busts out his top ten Magic Origins limited cards.

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Key to Origins Draft

Brendan declares the fundamental rule of Magic Origins draft.

Card Kingdom

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Ensnaring Cambridge

The 2015 Wolfpack Invitational 2.0

Shawn shares pictures and stories from the second ever Wolfpack Invitational.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Origins Lessons from Dallas

Brendan shares three lessons about Magic Origins limited from his weekend at Grand Prix Dallas.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Drafting Rakdos in Origins

Brendan shares his first Origins draft, a sweet Rakdos midrange deck.

Ensnaring Cambridge

My First Origins Draft

Shawn discusses his first Origins draft and his initial impressions on the format.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Undefeated in Origins

Brendan crushed his Magic Origins prerelease with big creatures and removal.

Grinding It Out

Magic Origins Instants and Flash Spells

Monique is back with her nifty table of Instants. Brush up on Magic Origins combat tricks and other instant speed spells just in time for the prerelease.

Ensnaring Cambridge

My Top Five Picks for Magic Origins

Shawn shares his favorite and least favorite cards from Origins in an unorthodox top five format.